emailStripper is a program for cleaning the ">" characters out of your emails
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When you receive an email that was forwarded, you may have noticed that it has been added with more characters, especially '<<0>>'. These symbols are generated in large quantities on the forwarded content, and if this email is forwarded again, more and more characters of this type are included in the message.

emailSTRIPPER is a free tool for Windows OS, that allows you to remove quickly and automatically those annoying characters .

Its is surprisingly simple. Just copy the message text on the clipboard, paste it in the text area of the program interface, click the "Strip it" button,and you see the clean text without any of the annoying '>' symbols included in the original message. Now you can copy back the contents of the clean message (button "Copy") and paste it to compose a new email.

All of this makes of emailSTRIPPER a very useful application for those who usually receive many forwarded emails .

Perhaps Email Stripper would be much better and useful if it were designed as a plugin for Thunderbird or any other e-mail client, in order to clean the text automatically.

Sergio A. DurĂ¡n
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  • It is a unique application of its kind.
  • Works with just a few clicks


  • It is required to copy and paste the text to clean.
  • Windows only
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